Agricultural, Food and Bioprocess Engineering Division (AFBED)


The Agricultural, Food and Bioprocess ENgineering Division (AFBED) is a unit of the Institute of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (IABE), College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology. Operating since the 1960’s, it has turned out a large number of BS and MS graduates and continues to have the largest number of students of the IABE. It was formerly known as the Agricultural and Bio-process Division (ABPROD) Division until the 2018.

Our graduates continue to excel in their chosen field and have brought recognition to the field of agricultural processing as an important component in the agro-industrial development of the country.

The advanced courses offered by AFBED have enriched the preparation of academic staff of numerous agricultural colleges and universities offering courses and conducting research in agricultural processing.

To keep pace with the needs of industry and cope with developments in agricultural engineering technology, the Doctoral program was started in 2000 and additional courses were instituted.



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Institute of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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