Many resources are committed to crop production, only to incur losses along the supply chain from farm to consumer. Losses take many forms, and represent significant fraction of the total volume produced.

Postharvest handling and processing, both primary and secondary, needs urgent attention due to issues on food security and safety, increasing urbanization and industrialization, greater trade opportunities and competition, and scarce energy resources.

Effective and appropriate postharvest handling and processing technologies have an immediate impact on income of industry stakeholders by reducing losses, adding value to a product, and expanding market access. New agricultural products as well as by-products of processing can serve as alternative energy sources. ABPROD plays a vital role in addressing these issues and challenges.



Established in the 1990’s as the agricultural process engineering & technology division

      PhD program was started in 2000

      Has produced 280 BS, 53 MS, and 6 PhD graduates

         Offers 11 undergraduate service and major courses, 14 graduate courses



The Agricultural & Bio-Processing Division provides knowledge, technology, and leadership for the development and improvement of food, feed, and fiber processing and distribution systems that address human and environmental quality and safety concerns, and are appropriate to the needs of Philippine industry stakeholders.




1. To provide an excellent educational experience to undergraduate and graduate students that will provide employment and business opportunities upon completion of the program.


2.    To be a leader and innovator in the application of engineering principles to bio-systems in the areas of:

·         Postharvest Engineering;

·         Food Engineering

·         Crop Processing and;

·         Thermal  and Energy Engineering

3.    To be a leader in inter-disciplinary and inter-agency activities that tackle complex problems in bio-processing.



  • To attract and maintain a competitive and varied faculty profile with members who are knowledgeable in the areas of specialization of ABPROD
  • To develop, maintain, and upgrade laboratory facilities to cater to the needs of ABPROD’s instructional , R&D, and extension activities
  • To develop strong institutional linkages with national and international agencies, and the private sector

Institute of Agricultural Engineering

University of the Philippines Los Baños
College of Engineering & Agro-Industrial Technology
University of the Philippines Los Baños
Laguna 4031
Telefax No. +63 (49) 536-8745, 536-2686, 536-3291, 536-3606