About AFSD


AFSD started in 1956 as a section of the Department of Agricultural Engineering in the UP Los Baños College of Agriculture. It was later transformed to the Department of Agrometeorology (AGMET) when the Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (INSAET) was founded in 1976; with the addition of other academic programs, INSAET became the College of Engineering and Agro-Industrial Technology (CEAT) in 1983. AGMET was renamed as Agrometeorology & Farm Structures Division (AFSD) when the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IAE) was created in 1997.


The division seeks to develop students who, and appropriate technologies that can translate sky-high weather problems into manageable ground level solutions which farmers and entrepreneurs can implement in a changing global climate.


The division aims to:

  1. harness crop yield potential from favorable weather as well as weather extremes
  2. improve crop and animal production by developing controlled environment technologies; and
  3. minimize environmental impact of agricultural wastes


Institute of Agricultural Engineering

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