Land and water uses are inter-dependent. Land use patterns within a watershed are indicators of the quality and quantity of stream flows. Similarly, the storage, regulation and quality of water determine the land use possibilities downstream.

Our ability to intensify and diversify our cropping systems will depend on our ability to develop, control and conserve our land and water resources.

Our ability to expand the present area under production, on the other hand, depends mostly on the productive capabilities of idle lands, the availability of water, and management techniques.



The LWRED was created to:

1.     provide national leadership in graduate and undergraduate instruction in land and water resources engineering and technology;

2.     assume a lead role in developing integrated plans and policies in land and water resources conservation, development and utilization;

3.     spearhead the conduct of developmental and policy oriented studies concerning land and water resources utilization and conservation;

4.     pursue active involvement in the process of technology transfer at the local and national levels; and

5.     serve as a center for identifying critical information gaps, compiling, analyzing and generating baseline information and identifying potential growth points in land and water resources development



To provide national leadership in land and water resources engineering instruction, research and extension



In support of UPLB’s goals towards national development, the objectives of LWRED are to:

  1.  provide formal training in land and water resources engineering
  2.  undertake research geared towards exploring solutions to relevant problems in land and water resources engineering
  3. extend technical expertise and information about land and water resources engineering through consultancy, non-degree training programs, and publications







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